Wow Where Do I Go After Swamp Of Sorrows. The swamp of sorrows (also once known as the swamps of sorrow) is a contested territory in the southern part of theeastern kingdoms. Fortunately, the zone is filled with sorrowmoss.

Classic Mining 1300 Guide for World of Warcraft Classic
Classic Mining 1300 Guide for World of Warcraft Classic

Snakes a lot), enter duskwood, follow road north to fork, turn east, keep. Alliance can easily get to the swamp of sorrows from the darkshire. What should blizzard do and who should they listen to?

Just Make Sure To Avoid The Sky Shadows (Buzzards) And Don't Miss The Turn Into The Swamp Itself As There Are A Number Of Mobs Between The Entrance To.

In the swamp of sorrows, there is a unique looking bridge that is located near splinterspear junction. Sorrowmoss can only be found in swamp of sorrows, you can't farm it anywhere else. You can also try to run around darkshire, take the hills.

When You Enter, Turn North To Find The Harborage, And Collect:

You can also get to the swamp from the burning steppes i believe, there is a path in the south. Fortunately, the zone is filled with sorrowmoss. This article is about the zone storyline after the cataclysm.for the classic version, see swamp of sorrows storyline (classic).

Ogres, For The Most Part.

This location is in eastern kingdoms and it's contested territory. Its price usually stays rather high compared to other herbs. You could take the portal to the blasted lands from orgrimmar and then run north.

Not A Big Stretch Really, Especially Considering That In The Beginning All The Blasted Lands And The Swamps Of Sorrows Were A Big Swamp Called The Black Morass.

Fly to booty bay and turn in dream dust in the swamp grab the followup then fly back to stonard. You can also get a lot of golden sansam in this zone if you need it for something. Farming sorrowmoss is really easy, you can find stacks of it in a matter of minutes.

It's Very Possible To Go Through Deadwind Pass To Get To Swamp Of Sorrows, Even At An Early Level.

Therefore, here’s a short wow guide to gather sorrowmoss. If you are going for the acheiv then start off at stonard, which is in the center of swamp of sorrows, to the south. Compared to the bridges in other neighboring countries (duskwood, elwynn forest, stranglethorn, etc), this one has an…