Wow How To Get To Silithus From Desolace. For desolace, go south, i believe. Now the easiest way to get to silithus from stormwind is to take the portal in stormwind to uldum and simply fly one zone over.

How To Get To Silithus In WoW Classic
How To Get To Silithus In WoW Classic

Take the road that leads to the north west and you cant miss it. In the northern mountains to the east of the pass, you can find nijel’s point. Run west from marshals refuge and you will find it.

If Your Character Is Level 70 And Has Access To These Flight Paths, This Is The Best.

However, if you don’t have the amount, you can travel east and north. Now, you are level 30 and want to find a way to get to desolace in wow classic. We’re looking for dust stormers in silithus since they can drop elemental air and occasionally, traveler’s backpack.

Silithus Is One Of The Insect Infested Sections Of Southern Kalimdor.

Here is a fast and somewhat safe way to get to silithus from desolace. Silithus was completely revamped in patch 1.8.0 to prepare for the opening of ahn'qiraj. The twilight's hammer cultists in silithus were made scalable for the call of the scarab event, but still are even after its end.

Silithus Is One Of The Insect Infested Sections Of Southern Kalimdor.

Until you get to the southwind village in silithus, keep flying northwest. However, there is a simpler way. The fastest way to get to silithus is to use a flight path.

Considering There Is A Portal To Outlands In The Blasted Lands And Silithus Is In The Middle Of Nowhere, The Reasoning For The Portal Has Nothing To Do With The Zone, Simply The Aftermath.

Its gates were sealed off millennia ago by the night elves, but the silithid managed to regain some footage over kalimdor. As of 4.0 both silithus and the blasted lands have been revamped to only get you to 58 and off to outlands. While silithus today acts as the main working place of the cenarion circle, it was once the seat of the aqiri empire, known to the world as ahn'qiraj.

Mobs In Silithus Are An Excellent Source Of Materials, Gold And Items.

Classic wow fandom recommends making your way from the stonetalon mountains at stonetalon peak. Start toward the south, and you will find desolace. If you've never been to nijel's point, just go to ratchet and walk west through the barrens and continue west after you.