Wow How To Get To Blasted Lands From Kalimdor. Simply climb up the zeppelin tower and find the zeppelin masters to take the right flight. The fort of kargath, in the badlands, contains a key horde flight path connecting the north and south of the eastern kingdoms.

The Dark Portal World of Warcraft Questing and Achievement Guides
The Dark Portal World of Warcraft Questing and Achievement Guides

Getting to and around kalimdor. This zeppelin will take you from. If this quest is not available, travel to the dark portal in the blasted lands and speak with khadgar to start the quest.

An Emissary At The Entrance To The Mage Tower In Stormwind Will Send You To The Dark Portal Upon Request.

She is outside at is found in a small camp with maraad and commander vines as a food and drink vendor and you can’t turn the quest into her. Night elves are native to kalimdor, dreanei used to live in dreanor and the rest is from azeroth (although origins of the races are still sort of vague). Fastest way to the blasted lands is to either take the zeppelin to grom’gol or take the portal to undercity and then go to the zeppelin tower outside and take the portal to grom’gol.

This Location Is In Eastern Kingdoms And It's Contested Territory.

There are two ways you can get there. Depends where you are in kalimdor, but i'd say a summon from a warlock is easiest. Pay a visit to flame crest.

Blasted Lands Was Probably The Mosted Revamped Zone In.

The only entrances to the region come either through alliance territory far from horde flight paths (loch modan) or high level areas far from. Patch 4.0.3a and the cataclysm introduced new travel challenges for players. From stormwind, got south to duskwood, run east through deadwind pass and into the swamp of sorrows.

Kum'isha Exchanges Crystals Such As Flawless Draenethyst Sphere For Treasure!

Blasted lands is also home to mobs such as servant of razelikh, which cannot be killed without having a specific item from a blasted lands questline. Click on the portal to blasted lands. There isn't anything in there except some high lvl birds that won't aggro if you don't try to go anywhere but the main road toward swamp of sorrows.

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Talk to the flight master, and once you have his flight point, you. Talk to her to go back to the earlier version of the zone. From there, go east into the swamp of sorrows and south into the blasted lands.