Wow How To Get From Blasted Lands To Silithus. The fastest way to get to silithus is to use a flight path. You shall henceforth be known as, the mover of the wind, breath of air, the lightning zephyr.

The Overcut Rare spawns Silithus Edition
The Overcut Rare spawns Silithus Edition

Alternatively, you can fly to astrannar and travel south and a little east until you reach the talondeep path. The pass into the blasted lands should be very close to the horde. You need level 270 herbalism to gather it and you’ll want to be level 55 before you go looking for it.

#2 You Must Be 58+ To Walk Through The Dark Portal.

From the refuge head in a roughly southwesterly. House cleaning services new bern, nc; It now has two friends.

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Portal to blasted lands added. Travel south though the swamp to get to blasted lands. Or you can find a couple of friends and split the gold.

Silithus, Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes.

Assuming you haven’t done the quests to get the garrison it should start you off by sending you to blasted lands to go through the portal. People like to gank you there. This is the quickest route if you have the flight master’s license.

Now The Easiest Way To Get To Silithus From Stormwind Is To Take The Portal In Stormwind To Uldum And Simply Fly One Zone Over.

While the competition is usually quite low here, many of the spawns are in elite areas, making is very difficult for solo players to farm them. From stormwind, got south to duskwood, run east through deadwind pass and into the swamp of sorrows. The quests from the two blood elves at the entrance to the zone give out nice buffs too.

The Alliance Version Magier Der Ehrenfeste Correctly Takes You To Blasted Lands , But This Npc Doesn't Seem To Work Except For The First Time You Request A Port.

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