Wow Hinterlands Waypoints. Help broil cane disrupt centaurs. /way teldrassil 57.0 53.0 elder bladeleaf /way silithus 53.0 35.5 elder bladesing /way mulgore 48.3 53.4 elder bloodhoof /way winterspring 53.2 56.8 elder brightspear /way tanaris 51.3 27.8 elder.

I've been playing since Cata and only just found out that the
I've been playing since Cata and only just found out that the

4.8/5 ( 22 votes) table of contents. Cause chaos among the centaurs. Unlike a lot of other areas, the hinterlands didn't change much during the shattering.

A Complete Searchable And Filterable List Of All The Hinterlands Quests In World Of Warcraft:

If that might be what your looking for. Horde players can get to the hinterlands easily, starting from jintha’alor. By renatakane 2020/08/31 changelog patch:

Help Ket Investigate The Ruins Of Demetra.

Previously we had to import and export the routes ourselves by g. Kill the trolls here for 20 heads and place the pike inside the camp (3). The hinterlands, located in the northern part of the eastern kingdoms, are probably most notable for the wildhammer dwarves who make their residence at aerie peak in the west.

From Tarren Mill (1) Head Northeast Into The Hinterlands (2).

Help broil cane disrupt centaurs. Something like /waypoint 23 34 there are many coordinates on wowhead so it seems. This npc is the objective of the chamber of first reflection.

You Can Copy And Paste Them All At Once.

The location of this npc is unknown. The harathi hinterlands are the northernmost reaches of kryta, and are primarily controlled by the centaurs. Help the seraph at nightguard beach.

Keep Moving In This Direction And You Will Reach The Horde Flight Path In Hinterlands.

Added in world of warcraft: Do not sell my personal information. Pick up a venom bottle (3) from inside the camp and accept its quest.