Wow Desolace Lockpicking. At this point, you should have water breath potion or warlock’s buff. If you are low on gold, i recommend you to try this gold making guide, it can help you to make loads of gold.

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Nostalrius Begins Quality wow vanilla realm (1.12) • View topic

The battered footlocker in badlands is found upstairs in angor fortress while the dented footlocker you will find downstairs. [dark leather gloves], created through leatherworking, increase lockpicking skill by 5. Redridge mountains will take you from 1 to 150+ for alliance.

The Chest There Can Be Included In The Learning Quest.

At this point, you should have water breath potion or warlock’s buff. This article contains information about how players used to level lockpicking. Lockpicking is a rogue class skill.

The Western Coastline Of Desolace Is Lush In Sad Contrast To The Wasteland Of Its Interior.

Lockpicking is a skill available only to rogues. Desolace is a rocky wasteland littered with bones, seemingly permeated by a curse, its skies always taken by storms, and very few sources of water, with lots of small lakes of yellow, polluted water all around the zone. Requires lockpicking (150) waterlogged footlocker.

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An alternative for both level areas is the soaked chests and moss covered chests in desolace, near sar'theri's beach. The trained ability, [pick lock] (learned at level 16 or above from any rogue trainer), allows rogues to use lockpicking to open locked doors, chests, and lockboxes. As an aside, two professions offer items that supplant the lockpicking skillaltogether.

Junkboxes Can Only Be Obtained Via Pick Pocketing By Rogues.

Respawn timer for these is ~5 minutes. Desolace is a barren zone located in western eastern kingdoms. You must be careful, as there are mobs and, being beneath the water, you must worry about drowning, but this is the best location to get skill increases for lockpicking at this skill l… see more

Horde Rogues, The Poison Quest Takes You To The Barrens To Grand Servant Puzik.

Made 21 skills in 12 minutes, with an underwater breathing item. Or you can go to the swamps of misery. The junkbox that you get depends on the level of humanoid that you picked.