Wow Desolace Centaur Quests. The quest is gone from log and the amulet is nowhere to find. [35] bodyguard for hire started on the road just north of the kolkar village.

Ding80's Horde Desolace Guide Level 37
Ding80's Horde Desolace Guide Level 37

If you are about to do one of the two quests that bids you to side with either the gelkis or the magram centaur clans, side with gelkis and make war upon the magram clan. The two caravan escort quests require you to help the caravan pass sections in the road but they are not always waiting for you. For example, the caravan guys give you 2 quests in desolace.

Run West Through The Charred Vale Into Desolace.

Added in classic world of warcraft. This zone is full of gimmicky quests with the filler quests including tons of gathering from mobs with very low drop rates and requiring you to go completely across the zone for nearly every other quest. Bring 15 centaur ears to corporal melkins at nijel's point in desolace.

The First Quest Is A Bit North Of Kalkor Village, On The Road.

It starts out separated, with the alliance going to nijel's point and the horde going to furien's post. A complete searchable and filterable list of all desolace quests in world of warcraft: The quests in desolace are among the best world of warcraft classic leveling quests.

It Takes Time To Start The Quest Again (Like 45 Minutes), Because The Caravan Moves Slowly And Sometimes Stops Moving For A While.

The first quest is a bit north of kalkor village, on the road. It takes time to start the quest again (like 45 minutes), because the caravan moves slowly and sometimes stops moving for a while. [48d] the pariah's instructions i need no home to know i still have a place in this world,.

Centaur Ear (15) Description Many Clans Make Up The Centaur Race.

The kolkar centaur live in desolace, and their forces have spread into the barrens. Oh well i shall plod on and get the remaining ears and not. Once you're in desolace grab bone collector from bibbly f'utzbuckle (1) at his hut.

[35] Bodyguard For Hire Started On The Road Just North Of The Kolkar Village.

A level 31 desolace quest. Added in classic world of warcraft. I initially started on the centaur faction quest but after more than 30 kills nofaction change and only 2 ears.