Wow Classic What Level To Quest In Shimmering Flats. Anything pretty much within that square is going to be the shimmering flats. When you get this quest, make sure you get all the other quests at the race track too.

Highperch, Thousand Needles map, ID 400 WotLK
Highperch, Thousand Needles map, ID 400 WotLK

Accept all the quests at mirage raceway (1) and then head north. If he makes the slightest mistake, he won't be moving forward, he'll just be a burnt spot on the track. Accept family tre e (available from level 32).

Get 10 Hollow Vulture Bones For Pozzik In The Shimmering Flats.

Horde quests in thousand needles begin around level 25 and go through level 35. Some of the neutral quests that send players out of the zone continue all the way up to. Added in classic world of warcraft.

Added In Classic World Of Warcraft.

Always up to date with the latest patch. A level 30 thousand needles quest. My advice to you is, either camp at the spot posted above or run in circles around the flats killing quest mobs and vultures until you get your 10.

A Level 30 Thousand Needles Quest.

Neutral quests at the shimmering flats begin around level 30 and continue to level 35. The area was an open expanse devoid of any vegetation and home to various varieties of, among other things, basilisks, scorpids, tortoises and vultures. Hillsbrad, arathi highlands or northern stranglethorne.

But Not Necessarily From A Higher Lev Player.

There is one to kill scorpians, another to kill turtles, and a 4th to collect race car debris. Once you hit lvl 30, you can go to the southwest part of 1k needles (shimmering flats) where the monsters go up to about 35. Get 10 hollow vulture bones for pozzik in the shimmering flats.

Also If You Happen To Get Done A Certain Quest Before The Other Look.

Would be a shame, too, if that happened. Shimmering flats is great for giving you that 1 or 2 levels and i am aware that once you hit 37, dustwallow marsh opens up with all its quests. Doesnt help that warriors are basicly free kills early on, as a ranged class can basicly kite you forever and you have no tools to deal with it, unless you get the initial charge and hamstring.