Wow Classic How To Get To Ashenvale From Stormwind. Once at the docks, players need to hitch a ride to auberdine. Head north along the beach to ratchet.

Wool Cloth Farming
Wool Cloth Farming

Head east into loch modan by using the north gate pass. Take the ship to ru’theran village. Shouldnt take you long and its good xp.

Head North Along The Beach To Ratchet.

Ashenvale is home to the instance named blackfathom deeps. Take the boat to theramore island. However the portal to darnassus is only available to mages level 50 or higher.

Don’t Forget To Get The Flight Path In Loch Modan.

This video shows how to complete trek to ashenvale wow classic quest. Take the ship to auberdine. The information will help you know.

That Should Get You Closer To Where You Want To Go.

Went to stormwind portal room (or its equivalent in ogrimmar) took portal to jade forest. Along the coast of theramore island. In this video i to get to stormwind from darnas.

Trek To Ashenvale Wow Classic Quest Video.

Start in menethil harbor (fly there, or walk the long way; For traveling from horde, you need to opt for starting your traveling from splintertree post, which is in ashenvale, and then travels along the road to the east towards the azshara. A) how i got to his spawn:

This Is A Quick Video On How To Get From Darnassus To Stormwind In World Of Warcraft Classic.

Just south of the strand is the horde outpost, and on the road east you will come to astranaar. Each portal consumes a [rune of portals], which costs 20s each. This boat will be easy to find because in the stormwind harbor, it will have a large elven arch by the dock.