Wow Classic How Do I Get To Dustwallow Marsh?. You will find her shack deep in the marsh, west of theramore. Dustwallow marsh (or dustwallow swamp)[1]

Goldthorn Farming Guide WoWProfessions
Goldthorn Farming Guide WoWProfessions

Your best chance to hit level 60 fast! To begin this quest, speak with the human hermit tabetha in dustwallow marsh. This video shows how to get from wetlands to dustwallow marsh vanilla location.

You Will Find Tabetha 'S Cottage West Of Theramore, And Just North Of The Stonemaul Ruins.

Full routes for horde and alliance (orc, tauren, troll, undead, human, gnome, dwarf, night elf) and all classes (mage, shaman, warrior, druid, rogue, hunter, paladin, priest, warlock). Quests which take place in dustwallow marsh are denoted by a. My scouts have reported a shipwreck just off the beach to the northeast.

In Classic, You'll Often Go Back And Forth Between Big Zones.

Quests which take place outside of dustwallow marsh, but involve something in the zone. Dustwallow marsh is an excellent zone to level in when you hit 35, by then most of the quests in stv is red, so going here is splendid. Now it is time for you to earn your mage's wand.

The Swamp Curls To The East, Forming A Bay Around The Island Of Theramore.

Speak with her, for her knowledge is vast. Currently wowhead does not have a link to this npc other than her previous state in dalaran. To begin this quest, speak with the human hermit tabetha in dustwallow marsh.

Tabetha Is A Level 62 Npc That Can Be Found In Dustwallow Marsh.

Also dustwallow marsh is one of the few places in classic wow where the quests give decent items as rewards. There are some quest chains that go across continents and zones but few before lvl 50+. Added in classic world of warcraft.

How To Get From Wetlands To Dustwallow Marsh Wow Classic Video.

This npc can be found in dustwallow marsh. Talk to zidormi outside of theramore. Dustwallow marsh kalimdor level 1 + map.