Wow Arathi Highlands Princess. Arathi highlands, is by far the best place to farm iron. These crystal shards are the only way i can speak with the surface world.

The adventures of Wundagore, Maelcum, Braell and Rigormorty
The adventures of Wundagore, Maelcum, Braell and Rigormorty

Added in world of warcraft: From the command board in tarren’s mill (hillsbrad foothills), undercity or silvermoon city, then make your way to galen’s fall which is on the border of. I would seriously suggest that you wait untill your level 50+ before trying this though, as it'll will takes you ages to complete at lower levels (unless of course you have a couple of level 50+ friends who dont mind grinding mobs for you to skin).

I Am A Princess Of The Earth, And My Captors, The Giants, Have Trapped Me Deep Beneath The Arathi Highlands.

For our alliance readers we have also made an alliance farming map for. It’s as if there isn’t any loot. The real threat (40) h.

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Bring the rod of order to the keystone in the arathi highlands. I am a princess of the earth, and my captors, the giants, have trapped me deep beneath the arathi highlands. If you did the quests in hammerfall in arathi, there should be a quest “to reventusk village” which will have you take a flight there.

Princess Trapped Is A Very Easy Quest If You Can Find The Cave.

When i needed lots of iron while i was lvling my blacksmith, this was the place i went straight ahead. So, for alliance, you just take the path that runs up the middle. Arathi highlands, is by far the best place to farm iron.

How To Complete The Princess Trapped Addon:

I recommended 45 and up to kill her. Quests which are part of a chain are denoted by. If they are level 30, look for a speech bubble on your map, centre of the south of the zone, by the river inlet.

Allies Of The Giants, The Drywhisker Kobolds, Have A Shard Like This One In Their Drywhisker Gorge, To The East.

The elites have a short respawn rate, however the loot resets every time a faction gains control of the zone so you'll only be able to farm them once every two weeks. Ran back from graveyard, rezzed, looted the shackles and voila. Just ignore the your level bit.