Vanilla Wow Stonetalon Alliance Fp. Another day, another trip down memory lane with this look back at stonetalon mountains. There’s a fp in the north for alliance iirc.

В Калимдоре Когтистые горы, приют у Солнечного
В Калимдоре Когтистые горы, приют у Солнечного

They can be dropped easily if there's too much horde about. It also contains a moonwell. Do not sell my personal information.

Return To Mastok Wrilehiss At Splintertree Post, Ashenvale.

The alliance camp at the stonetalon/ashenvale border, with the flight path and the tower. Scout the gazebo on mystral lake that overlooks the nearby alliance outpost. The few quests there are ok;

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It has the only alliance vendors and flight path in the zone. South of astrnaar is a cave that leads into stonetalon. For some reason, ratchet must connect to theramore, then it will take you all the way up to auberdine.

/Way Stonetalon Mountains 41.8 19 Brother Ravenoak /Way Stonetalon Mountains 50.2 41.2 Sorrow Wing /Way Stonetalon Mountains 55 45 Pridewing Patriarch /Way Stonetalon Mountains 59.8 46 Volux /Way Stonetalon Mountains 44.4 49.2 Tenok /Way Stonetalon Mountains 44.8 55.8 Dustflight The Cowardly

The stonetalon mountains are a range of peaks that lie west of the barrens, south of ashenvale, and north of desolace. First, i took the boat from auberdine to menethil harbor, then the boat from menethil harbor to theramore. Second one, started from faldreas goeth'shael in astranaar too, the , actually leading you to the only alliance flight point far north of the zone.

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Ratchet didn’t even have a flight path for most of vanilla. Ashenvale and theramore are needed to connect up.when you get ashenvale run down through the barrens and pick up ratchet, then get the boat to booty bay. It also contains a moonwell.

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By anne stickney on august 19, 2019 at 1:00pm @shadesogrey. The transports between ashenvale and stonetalon are at a standstill because of the lake coming alive and attacking anything that gets close. Wow classic flight points, zeppelins, and ships.