How To Get To Aerie Peak From Loch Modan Wow. Comentario de thottbot ok for all you noob horde that wants to go to loch for some or another reason, u gotta pass through dun algaz guarded by lvl 30 alliance guars, and there is no horde flight master and there are alliance guards all over.and if u wanna get there through wetlands just go straight and don't turn anywhere, u gotta reach dun algaz to go through the tunnels to. Aerie peak resembles a gryphon head, with open.

Hinterlands Horde Flight Path
Hinterlands Horde Flight Path

Walk up it as far as you can, then jump on to the tree. If you are low level, die several times. Loch modan is a large area east of dun morogh, situated in eastern khaz modan.

Take A Peak At The Item On Wowhead To See Where To Find It If You're Still Missing It After Questing The Zone.

A complete searchable and filterable list of all loch modan quests in world of warcraft: It is known for its temperate climate, abandoned archaeological digsite, and the lake from which the region takes its name. Aerie peak is carved into an enormous mountainside.

Loch Modan Is A Large Area East Of Dun Morogh, Situated In Eastern Khaz Modan.

Loch modan is a large area east of dun morogh, situated in eastern khaz modan. There are various modes of mass transit available to those looking to get around azeroth. The gray and rugged mountains rise up on all sides around the loch, and the hills are lightly wooded with pine and birch.

Aerie Peak Resembles A Gryphon Head, With Open.

To the south of loch modan is the badlands, a much higher level zone. This video shows how to get to loch modan from dun morogh wow classic. Comment by tronski everybody loves rares!

Comentario De Thottbot Ok For All You Noob Horde That Wants To Go To Loch For Some Or Another Reason, U Gotta Pass Through Dun Algaz Guarded By Lvl 30 Alliance Guars, And There Is No Horde Flight Master And There Are Alliance Guards All Over.and If U Wanna Get There Through Wetlands Just Go Straight And Don't Turn Anywhere, U Gotta Reach Dun Algaz To Go Through The Tunnels To.

Die a couple more times if you are low lvl. From stormwind or iron forge, take the tram from sw to if, then run out into dun morogh heading east. From the wetlands, you have to go up a series of tunnels in the southeast of the zone.

There Is A North And A South Tunnel, Both Lead To Loch Modan.

The rugged khaz mountains rise up on all sides, and the hills are lightly wooded. There is a walk path slightly left of the tree. Once you are on the tree, you can jump up the side of it onto land.