First Aid Trainers Wow Classic Mulgore. Aresella in hellfire peninsula at falcon watch. As you follow it you will come across the village of dolanaar.


With the arrival of world of warcraft: Classic wow wiki is a fandom games community. How to level first aid in classic wow first aid trainer locations.

Make Wool Bandages From 81 To 115.

Go to zul'drak and farm rageclaw primalists and drakuru berserkers until you get the manual: ↑ 3.0 3.1 you must revisit these npc's at higher skill levels to learn the three grades of artisan bandage. [a] doctor gustaf vanhowzen who is at the 68,49 map coordinates in dustwallow marsh.

The Benefit Of This Skill Is The Ability To Heal Using Items Created From Ingredients Players Are Finding Anyway While Killing.

Harken windtotem maur raincaller morin cloudstalker ruul eagletalon skorn whitecloud varg windwhisper <leather. Basic mulgore lore, with a few of my own touches ^^ the tauren claimed the verdant valley of mulgore as their own after their new allies and brothers, the orcs, swept back the troublesome centaur. A trainer is a special type of npc that gives out class abilities and spells, or profession skills and recipes.

Trainer Wool Bandage [Wool Bandage] 1 [Wool Cloth] 80:

Most of these improvements cost money (increasing with level) and only become available at certain levels. First aid allows players to create various bandages that can be used to help themselves and other players. Items created by first aid:

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41 rows first aid trainers. Under the enlightened leadership of cairne bloodhoof, thunder bluff was built as an impregnable central city for the tauren atop mulgore's mesas. First aid trainers can now teach legion master first aid.

Taught By (13) Taught By (13)

Nus <<strong>first aid trainer</strong>>, the crystal hall. Vira younghoof at bloodhoof village in mulgore. Vanilla wow wiki is a fandom games community.